Friday, February 25, 2011

Fried rice....... hold the rice :)

I went home just like I normally do at my lunch hour ate my cabbage and steak saute.... afterwards I was hanging out in my livingroom and I noticed a few cars next door to my neighbors house (my parents house) so I went to check it out..... my teenage nieces were there eating teriyaki chicken, fried rice...... and the fried rice smelled AMAZING.......

So inspiration for my dinner! :)

Here is what you will need!

-16oz ground turkey

-1 tbs onion flakes

1/2 tbs minced garlic

-salt & pepper

-1 head of cauliflour

-2 cups of fresh brocolli (I cut most of the stem off)

-1 cup of egg white

Low sodium soy sauce

-1 tbs I can't believe its not butter

Squeeze of half a lemon

Here is what you do :)

Cut most of the stems of your brocolli and cauliflour and put in a medium pot then put in about a fingertip deep amount of water in the pot. Put on medium high heat and let steam about 8 minutes or until tender.... drain and mash with potato masher. Place back in pot and set aside.

Now in a seperate medium pan.... brown (more like beige) your ground turkey with onion flakes, garlic, salt and pepper on medium heat (takes about 5 minutes) and put into your cauliflour rice. In the same pan scramble up your eggs and also put that in the pan with the cauliflour rice :)

Now in the pot with all the meat, eggs and "rice" put on medium-high heat and put a few splashes of soy sauce and lemon.... mix it all together... then stir in "I can't believe its not butter".... I like my "fried rice" pretty well done so I tend to cook it for about another 5 minutes......

And you are done!

**** side note: we needed more fat so husband got an avacado... sliced that up, squeezed some lime in it, chopped up some cilantro and threw a lil salt in there and we garnished our rice with it....... WAS THE BOMB dot COM! :)

My kids and us devoured it.... even our 11 month old this is a pic of her shaking her head yes in approval

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