Friday, February 11, 2011

My body is my engine.... this is my fuel 2-11-2010

I went to a nutrition Seminar at Crossfit Marysville w/Todd Widman and he basically said if your body is an engine.... then think of it as the best engine in the entire world..... now lets think of our food as our fuel.... what kind of fuel are you putting into your engine.... high quality fuel that will help it perform better or crappy fuel that makes you slow, doesn't last as long and leaves behind mushy, sticky sludge???

Me? today my fuel is....
Breakfast: 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 TBS of organic peanut butter, 1 scoop lowfat and sugar free choco protein powder (notes: taste like a no-bake cookie... it is sooooo delicious!!!!)

Lunch: 5oz chicken breast grilled w/a lil taco seasoning, topped w/fresh salsa and 1 TBS avacado and put on 2 pieces of butter lettuce w/side of 1 cup steamed asparagus and a kiwi (notes: This was filling and tasted soooo good... I started eating it slow so it would last longer lol)

Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs w/egg yolks mixed w/avacado and 1 cup of steamed brocolli

Dinner: will be baked salmon topped w/pesto and tons of cups of steamed asparagus mmmmmmmm I can't wait!!!!

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  1. I LOVE when you show what you ate for the whole day! You think one day you can do a weekly meal plan??