Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need delicious food fast!!!! -husband

I just get home from crossfit and husband leaves for jiu jitsu in an hour.... we hangout on the couch for 45 minutes then husband looks at the tome and says "I need to eat dinner right now, and I want something delicious!" So we have precooked shrimp, eggs, unsweetened coconut flakes...... so mmmmm coconut shrimp!!!! :)  so we get to work........

Here is what you need....

-however many skrimpsss (yes I said skrimps) you want we did about 20

-2 eggs

-a lil squeeze of lime juice

-a pinch of garlic powder

-1 scoop of lean vanilla protein powder

-1 cup or more of unsweetened coconut flakes

While I rinse the precooked shrimp, husband makes the egg wash in a small bowl with a squeeze of lime juice... then I get a medium pan and completely fill the bottom with organic EVOO and turn the heat on medium. I then prepare a dish covered with a papertowl for the cooked shrimp to soak up extra oil.  

Now In a small mixing bowl I mix my dry ingredients (coconut flakes, protein powder, garlic powder)

Now time to cook!

Make sure your oil is hot!!!! (Do a tester shrimp and make sure when you place the shrimp in the pan that it sizzles) now one at a time dip your shrimp in the egg wash then in your dry ingredients and place in the pan(it should take 3-5 minutes to cook).... brown both sides and place cooked shrimp on your papertown covered plate.

***remember if the oil turns brown then you need fresh oil! :) no one likes burnt shrimp :)

Husband loved it and so did our kiddies :)


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