Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who loves Mexican food??? Me!?

(This was hubby's size serving, he is a ZONE 5-blocker)
Ok, so I am pretty sure I could live off of Mexican food every single day..... but when I go to a restaurant I absolutely CAN NOT refuse the chips and guacomole.... so, I had to cook up an alternative that satisfied my Mexican tooth (not sweet tooth lol). This was simply amazing and satisfying..... tasted like I was cheating......
 Here is how Hubby and I did it....

Flank Steak about 2lbs
I seasoned mine and let it sit for a couple hours....
- 2 tsp chili powder
-2 tsp garlic powder
-fresh lime juice
-fresh cracked pepper
-sea salt

Spanish Rice (made with Cauli)
-1 Cauliflour head
-1 sliced carrot
-3/4 cups tomato sauce (no sugar added)
-2 tsp minced garlic
-2tsp onion flakes
-season w/chili powder, salt and pepper

Mashed avacado's
-1 ripe avacado
-1/2 TBS cilantro
-chili powder
-garlic powder

In a medium pot steam your cauliflour and carrots on medium-high heat for around 10 minutes or until they are soft.... and mash with potato masher, add tomato sauce... season and let simmer on low heat while you cook "Carne Asada"

After you season the Flank Steak, warm up a Cast-Iron pan on medium-high heat. Spray pan w/Olive Oil Spray and brown the meat..... YAY that is done!

For the Avacados.... I always cut the avacados in half, remove the pit and slice the avacados while they are still in their shell... then I remove with a spoon... put the chopped avacados in a bowl... add ingredients and ENJOY!!!! :)

In the picture was my husbands serving size.... unfortunetly, he eats way more than me... and had corn tortillas.....
I had 4oz of meat, 1 cup of cauli, and 1 TBS of avacados... it was filling for my tummy and brain :)

PS I had the left over steak w/eggs this morning and it was still just as good!


  1. Sounds delicious! I just need to find a creative way of putting all this cauliflower in my fridge. LOL. Do you ever use frozen cauliflower or is that a no-no.

    Also what's a zone 5 blocker?

  2. I haven't tried frozen cauli but I'm sure it will work just fine! :)

    On "the zone" eating plan there are different block amount you need to have per meal..... I am normally 3-4 blocks and apollo is 5 blocks.... google it :)