Monday, February 14, 2011

Tips for the healthy YOU!!!

I wanted to create a short list for my people to have to start their new healthy living...... so I am giving a few easy tips! :)

-do not diet!!!!!! Just eat healthy MOST of the time

-eat protein with every meal (eggs, fish, shellfish, chicken, elk etc)

-do not drink your calories!!!! (Coffees, lattes, soda, juice be careful for these sugar packed beverages)

-always eat breakfast! While your sleeping your metabolism slows... its so important to put fuel in the engine and revvvvvv it up! :)

-drink lots of water

-get at least 8 hours of sleep!

****** IMPORTANT! clean your fridge and cupboards! We are only human.... meaning 99.99% of us have no self discipline when it comes to food..... so if we keep sugar cereals, sugar snacks, and junk food in our house then we will eat it.... and if you have kids, then feed them healthy food and start healthy habits

I really want the focus to be on being healthy over dropping the weight fast because we all know crasf and fad diets do not work..... I love you all and hope these easy tips help.....

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